I’m the Anime Girl, in glasses. I have loved anime since my little eyes first laid on to it so many years ago. My love just grew stronger as time passes.

It’s been a long time since I first discovered what Pokemon and Digimon were. I’ve  seen many things since then. I’ve seen the wonderful, the good, the bad, the ugly and the unwatchable. I’m here to talk to you about all of it. From Otakus in America to episode that was last night. I’ll find events in my area that all otaku. I’ll eat new Asian food just to see how it tastes.

I’ll also talk about anime in a way that you have never seen it. I’m not just going to talk about the current shows airing. I’m going to look across the board from when anime was first created to now. I’ll see how it has changed and how it has stayed the same. I’ll see how the same characters tropes keep showing up and which ones have changed or no longer exists.

So join me on my crazy otaku adventure, because I’m the Anime Girl in Glasses.