189955-e08Monday’s are the start of the week. Normally a long boring work week that no one want to go back to. If you have a job that you love and don’t mind going to every Monday, luck you. I hate you a little bit, but no I really am happy for you.

The rest of us. Lets start off our Monday’s with a little bit of otaku news. This will be some thing I found interesting trough Eden_s01_031out the week. Or new show information. I’ll most likely have a list of interesting stories from the week. This will be something that happened in the scope of Otakuness, I don’t think that is a word, that I feel like talking about. Have something you want me to look at? Tell me I will happily look.

Photo credit: Dragon Ball Z,Toei Animation Co., Ltd.; Case Closed, TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. Eden of the East, Production I.G