Alright, so I bet you’re all wondering what the schedule is going to be like. Right? You’re not? Well to bad I’m going to tell you.

Mondays there will be news. It could be random anime new that I find exciting. Or, a new series that is coming out. Or, a new merchandise item that interesting. Or, any thing else that I find and want to talk about.

Wednesdays I will be watching or reading a completed series in full. Then, giving a review on the series in full. This could be anime or manga. It just has to be completed. This means that I could watch an older series of Lupin III even though there is a new series coming out, but they have nothing to do with each other. I will happy take recommendations for this. I have a back log but I always like to know what every one else wants to know about.

Friday is movie day! I watch an anime movie, I review it and then tell you if you should watch it. I’m not just sticking to movies either. If there is a movie that is connected to a series. Say, One Piece movie #(I have no idea what number they are on now) I’ll watch that too. My only condition on watching those movies, is that I have seen the show that it is connected to. The last thing I want is to watch a movie and be thinking the whole time, who are these people and what is going on. If there is a movie you want me to watch, tell me. Just like for anime I want to know what you want me to watch.

Sunday I watch Live actions. Now many live actions are bad, horrible, and should not be touched. Because, they are just made to make money. I will take my life in my hands and watch all the bad, horrible, and why was this mad live actions and tell you why you should not watch them. I will also try and find some good ones in there, too. Hopefully. This is not just tv shows either, this movies, stage show or musicals, and tv shows. I’ll watch them all so you don’t have to waste your time. Look how nice I am. Got one you want me to see? Tell me I’ll watch it.

The Fall 2015 season starts September 28th, with Diabolik Lovers More, Blood. From then I on I will review all the new anime that is coming out. This means all the new series that are starting, including second seasons, and all the show that are continuing. If the show airs my time, which is pacific daylight time, before 5 pm or 17:00 the review for it will come out at 9 o’clock pm or 21:00. If it airs after this time it will come out at 6 am or 06:00 the next day. If I have trouble finding it, since I live in america, as soon as I find it I will watch it review it and put it up as fast as possible.

I look forward for writing for you and I can’t wait to get started. Lets enjoy our crazy Otakuness together.

Photo credit: Kokoro Connect, Silver Link., inc.; School Rumble, Studio Comet Co., Ltd.