fuse5_zps2cef3aa0Movie night, movie night! You can’t see it but I’m doing a little dance. I love movies, I love anime movies even more. I’m going to review different movies every week. This does not mean I’m going to be dipping into every Studio Ghibli movie on the planet. This also doesn’t mean I’ll be watching every One Piece and DBZ movie ever made.

This means that I’ll be watching a mixture of every thing. I watch some of the movies attracted to anime series, but I’ll only watch them if I’ve seen the series. The last time I want is to be watching a movie going, who are these people? why are you here? What is going on!? Even though I know most movies have nothing to do with the series, I would like the back story to know at least kind of what is going on.

This also means, I’m not just sticking to award winning movies either. I’m not going to watch every Studio Ghibli movie just because it’s Studio Ghibli. I’m going to watch every thing. This means, I need your help.tumblr_lf8kyi2NTj1qe8we7o1_400

Tell me what to watch. Is it new and just came out? Awesome tell me. Is it old and in need of some more love? I want those too. Because movie night is fun. It will be with popcorn, too.

Photo credit: Hyoka, Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. ;Fuse Teppō Musume no Torimonochō,Tms Enterainment; Sailor Moon, Toei Animation Co., Ltd.