AotliveLive actions there every were. Why? Because they are made to make more money off of an existing property. The good ones are very few are far between. Most of the time the better ones do different things then the original manga or anime that they are based on. When live actions try too hard to be just like a manga or anime it fails because there are some things that just can’t translate for print or animation to live action. But, this does not stop the shows from trying.

I will review live actions of manga or anime and maybe video games too. But, the jury is still out on the video games. I will not do fan films. I know there are amazing fan films out there but this is not the place for them.hqdefault I will find a nice place for them but till then they will not be a factor. The live action can be a tv show, a movie, or a stage play or musical. I’m not picky. It just has to be based off of an anime or manga.

if you have one that you want me to write about, let me know. I’ll watch it so you don’t have to or share it with love so more can enjoy it.

Photo credit: Ouran High School Host Club, TBS; Attack on Titan, Toho Co. Ltd.; Lupin III, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.