For some one who was alive and played the original when it first came out, a new Kingdom Hearts would be amazing! My only concern is that Square Enix continually doesn’t continue the story. It makes side games or before and after game. Were fans honestly just want the story to continue. More after the jump:

If Linkedin is to be trusted, there will be more then one new Kingdom Hearts game coming out. Fans have been waiting for over 10 years for the third installment of Kingdom Hearts. The reason for this is Square Enix was focusing more on Final Fantasy games then Kingdom Hearts ones.

There have been nine games in total, but of those nine only three really continued the main story line. So Kingdom Hearts III finally coming out and a new game also, could be interesting. Square Enix also released a teaser video for the Tokyo Game Show. In the video there is a secret panel that will be happening. Will we get more information about Kingdom Hearts? Hopefully. Only time will tell.

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Photo Credit: Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix