originalThe second season of the anime based off the otome game, Diabolik Lovers, is starting in a week. The series is a reverse harem, that means that instead of a man with lots of girls going after him, the girl is surrounded by very attractive men who all want her. The first series very much focused on all the men trying to win over the girl in many different ways possible. This series will most likely be no different. The plot is as fallows.

Yui Komori may (or may not) have attained vampire status, but due to her inexplicable links to the Sakamaki clan her life 1161remains somewhat unchanged. Yet troubled by new dreams and apparitions mentioning a mysterious “Eve”, Yui’s life is suddenly once again – quite literally – turned upside down when she and the Sakamaki brothers are involved in a fiery car crash. The incident heralds the appearance of four new vampires, the Mukami tribe, and to her dismay these dashing young men have their eyes and fangs set on Yui as well! (courtesy of YTV)

This series will most likely be popular with girls who want to see attractive men and wishing they were the main character. 1150That is exactly what the the game is designed to do as well. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they are all sexy vampires.Check out the trailer and come back next when the series starts to get the review.