Hotarubi-01Hitarubi no Mori e, Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light in English, is based off of a one shot shojo manga of the same name, by Yuki Midorikawa. This movie was recommended by Mekakushi Megane, thank you for the recommendation. The film was released in 2011 by Brain’s Base. It was a very well animated movie. Mainly when it came to the scenery that is the back drop for the whole movie. The story is simple but sweet as it talks about first love.

Hotaru Takegawa, the protagonist of this story, meets Gin, a spirit, in the woods one day-Gin-and-Hotaru-hotarubi-no-mori-e-36865029-1600-1112 when she gets lost. He helps her find her way home and from then on she visits him every day that summer. Then next summer she is back and spends the whole summer with him again. As time goes one her summer is spent this way till she enters high school.

hotarubi-no-mori-e-2140The whole movie is about falling in love for the first time. It only makes sense that Hotaru would fall in love with Gin after knowing him for so long. It makes even more sense that he fell in love with her, since she is the only other human that he interacts with. Gin has a need to be with humans because he is one. Even though he cant’ be with humans he still connects with Hotaru. She wants to spend time with him and is fine not touching him. She even tells him to never touch her because she doesn’t want him to disappear. The fact that it is first love means that it is most likely going bitter sweet. Most first loves don’t work out.

It is incredibly sad when Hotaru says good by to Gin for the last. EvenHotarubi_no_Mori_e_13 though every one knew that it was coming. There was really no way around it, but it is still sad. Hotaru even planned on moving close to Gin when she graduated high school, so she could be with him. That is how first love is, it’s new and exciting, you think it’s never going to end because this is the first time you have felt this way. That is why first love sticks with you for so long, because it is the first time you feel this way. And it never leaves you. Even though first love almost never lasts and it is always very sad when it happens. Because you never forget it even though it is sad it is still special and amazing.

originalThe only thing that I did not like about this movie was, her life during school. There was no point of her conversations with her class mate. The story could have go in to her falling in love with some one else besides Gin. It hinted at it a little but never did anything with it. One can only assume that Hotaru goes on to fall in love with a human and continue her life.

This movie is sweet and touching. it makes you remember your first love or the first time you lost some one you cared about. It’s sweet but have a box of tissues close, just in case.


Photo Credit: Hotarubi no Mori e, Brian’s Base