More then ever light novels are being used as bases for anime. The fall 2015 season alone has nine light novel to anime adaptions. But this is nothing new, show like Heroic Legand of Arsland, Record of Lodoss War and Slayers are all based on light novels. Even if shows are not based on a light novel, there normally is a light novel attached to the show, like Attack on Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist. These shows are not based on light novels but they got their own light novel. Hollywood is even basing things off of light novels now. Live.Die.Repeat. (Edge of Tomorrow) was based off the light novel All You Need is Kill.

What does that mean for this blog and you? That means we are reading light novels now as well. The light novels that I will be reading will be more along the lines of some thing is based off of them. That being said, if the light novel does not have an anime or a movie connected to it, does not mean I’m not going to read it. If it’s a light novel I will read it. I am less likely to read ones based on animes, such as the case for Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist. But, if I get a request I’ll see what I can do.

I look forward to hearing what you guys think and what you say I should read. I will always take recommendations.


Photo Credit: Durarara!!,Ryōgo Narita, ASCII Media Works