There isn’t much to say about this series, accept it is just a big advertisement for the otome game. Since it is based on an otome game, were you choose which love interest you end up with the anime gets a little convoluted. In the anime, the male characters go after the girl in there own way, but Yui, the lead female, never makes a decision as to who she wants to be with. Also, she really doesn’t have much in the way of personality, this works in the game so woman can pretend to be her, but not in an anime.

Well it is now a new season and there are new men. They didn’t get rid of the old ones, they just added more. And of course, you guessed it they all want Yui for some unknown reason. They couldn’t just find some other girl? But, the one surrounded by six vampires. Excuse me while I suppress my massive eye roll.

I can see the draw of the games, woman living out fantasies with beautiful men. This really just doesn’t work as an anime. There really isn’t much depth to anything and you never really learn any thing about any of the characters. How this series got a second season is beyond me. The only thing that I can think of is the company wanted to sell more games and they thought this would be the best way to do that. It can be a guilty pleasure that’s for sure, but there is nothing amazing about this anime.

There were two things that I did enjoy though. The music is nice, it goes with the show and its setting. The animation is nice. It isn’t the best that I’ve seen but it’s is most certainly not the worst. I don’t understand the whole hair gradient color changing thing. That being said I can over look it.