This will be the second season of the the anime Ameiro Cocoa. It is based off the digital manga that was published by IAM Denshi Suppan. It fallows the lives of the employees of the Rainy Color cafe. Find the new season synopsis and trailer after the break.

Life at the Rainy Color café can never be described as boring. The arrival of the Koga brothers from England – Noel, always brimming with curiosity, and Nicola, somewhat shy and conservative – ensures that their sibling, café manager Shion, is kept on his toes. There’s also another newcomer, cameraman/photographer Jun Arisawa, who holds a mysterious connection to café owner Koji Amami. Last but not least, there’s a special photograph that incites all kinds of heartfelt and comedic reactions from the Rainy Color crew! (courtesy of YTV)


Photo Credit:Ame-iro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso!, EMT