The live action version of Yamada to Nanin no Majo or Yamada and the Seven Witches, came out in Augest of 2013 and ran for eight episodes each a little over 30 minutes long. The Story fallows Yamada Ryu a high school delinquent who is bored with classes and school work. He has horrible grades and every one in the school either hates him or is afraid of him. Then one day, he trips down a flight of stairs into  Shiraishi Urara, the top student at the school. After waking up he finds that he has swapped bodies with her. The two discover that when they kiss they swap bodies. They also learn that there are seven other girls at the school who have some sort of power activated by a kiss.

The whole concept of the show is silly. It’s just an excuse to let high school students run around kissing each other and putting the boys in awkward  situations. This isn’t a compare and contrast to the anime or the manga version of this series, but were as the anime has depth and takes on a more serious tone. The live action is just silly. The plot is the same as the anime, kissing activates powers and the two main charterers fall in love. The scrip and the acting for the live action is the reason it is so silly. Some scenes make you go aww and they could have been very sweet, but the bad acting ruins it.

Yamada’s character is written is such a way that makes him goofy instead of threatening. He is not very smart, he hates studying so he doesn’t learn any thing, but he is stupid to the point of annoyance. When he does understand something, he is so happy that he makes a big deal out of the moment. When isn’t excited about figuring something out, he’s being a perv. Now they are high school boys so some degree of that is fine, but Toranosuke’s whole personality and character revolves around the fact that he’s a perv. He wants to make a wish that the girls uniform will be a string bikini, and he is often found looking at magazines filled with woman in almost nothing. Bottom line, the joke is, this one is stupid and this one is a pervert, look how funny this is. Now, lets do something that makes them uncomfortable.

One of the main sources of comedy in the show is putting Yamada in an uncomfortable situation, because he must kiss some one he doesn’t want to. Or he has to kiss one of the girls to get her power then kiss an other person to use her power. The main example of the is episode five, when he must kiss Maria then Meiko three or for times so that he can transfer one thought to people. All of this could have been avoided if the girls just kissed each other, but not once in the whole live action do one of the girls kiss each other. It’s always boy girl, the only time that two boys kiss is when it is for humor. There is never a moment when after two boys kiss is it a serious part. Where this is also the same as the anime, for the boys kissing each other. The girls kiss each other all the time in the anime and manga. But, again this isn’t a compare and contrast against the other series.

There is no growth or development at all. The Two main characters Yamada and Shiraishi don’t even realize or admit that they have feeling for each other till the last episode. Which is so anime, that happens all the time in anime, even though the rest of the characters and the audience already know that they love each other and that they will end up together. The only reason that they really realize it is Yamada loses his memories of every thing that has happened and Shiraishi is sad. Yamada realizes it when he might lose Shiraishi around the seventh episode. It takes an event of the loss of the other person to make them realize that they love each other. Mind you these characters do not grow, they do not change. They are the same from the first episode. They only start a relationship or it’s implied at the end of the show that they start a relationship. The only thing that changed was they started to like the other person.

If you like the anime and the manga, stay far away from this one. If you have never heard of this show, stay away. The acting is bad, the scrip is bad, the whole thing is silly and just hard to watch. The only thing that was good about this show was the concept that they took from the original concept of the manga. the actress who played Shiraishi, Mariya Nishiuchi, did do a decent job at being Yamada, but when it came to be Shiraishi she was a duller then a board. The anime and manga are both good and enjoyable.

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Photo Credit: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Fuji Television Network, Inc.