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October 2015

First Love Lasts Forever in The Last: Naruto the Movie

screenshot311I’ve noticed that there are two reactions when you talk about Naruto. You either love or hate it. And let me be clear, I don’t like Naruto the anime, I like Naruto Shippuden and the whole manga. The original Naruto anime was a bit dumbed down for the animation, such as adding tons of filler episodes and then two seasons of filler. Two seasons people! But, you need the Naruto stuff that makes Shippuden better. Continue reading “First Love Lasts Forever in The Last: Naruto the Movie”

Anitore! EX Episode 3

The personalities of each of the girls are a little to generic. At least by anime standards. So far we have had, the cute girl who loves sweets, the flat chested girl who wants bigger boobs, and now the rich girl who is the perfect Japanese woman/ house wife or will become such. It makes sense their really isn’t a story line, except for lets work out, so having generic characters that aren’t going to be developed makes every thing easier.

The exercises them selves, are decent work outs. Again you are going to have to do more then one set but they are not fooling around. They are tough work outs and will get you in shape if you do them. Also, learn the dance and that could be really good warm up/ cardio. I might start using this as part of my work out routine.


Photo Credit: Anitore! EX, Earth Star Entertainment 

Anitore! EX Episode 1

First things first, the girl is adorable. I have a feeling that if you have an adorable girl tell you to work out, you’ll do it. It’s smart, but you could as just be watching her do excise and go “oh my god that’s adorable” then never do the work out.

The only problem with this is you have to do two or three sets of each work out in order to get a decent work out, out of the show. Maybe if you learn the dance at the end along with doing all the other work outs. The dace would be fun to learn and good exercise.


Photo Credit: Anitore! EX, Earth Star Entertainment 

Being Different in a Wold Were Every One is the Same

The Silent Vkoe-2oice by Yoshitoki Oima was published in 2013 and has won numerous awards since then. It fallow Shōya Ishida a boy who wants to redeem him self for bulling, Shōko Nishimiya in elementary school. Now in high school he wants to make him self better and rebuild his life, after almost killing him self, and his relationship with Shoko.  Continue reading “Being Different in a Wold Were Every One is the Same”

Adorableness from a Monster

Emy-little-monsterfeatxcuse me while I say this here and now, so it doesn’t come out later in this post and scare all of you away. This anime is adorable and not in the way most animes are adorable. It doesn’t have cute animals or adorable girls doing cute things. It’s about some misfits becoming friends and two of them falling in love. It’s that kind of adorable. Haru and Shizuku are so different that by all right they should never be around each other. However, they end up liking each other and it’s all because, unsuspecting circumstances put them in different places than they would normally go. It’s just adorable.

Continue reading “Adorableness from a Monster”

Would You Like to See What Death is Like?

imagesHave you ever wished you could send some one to hell for some thing they did.  Ai Enma can do that for you. She only asks that in exchange you go to hell when you die, as well. Not every one would take that offer but, what happens when you get pushed to far and have to take matters into your own hands? That is exactly what happens in the Hell Girl live action. You need revenge or justice? Ai will ferry the soul to hell right then and there for you. That is if Hajime Shibata isn’t there to try and stop you. Continue reading “Would You Like to See What Death is Like?”

Getting Ready for the Anime, Pokemon XY&Z

I’m just going to say it, if you don’t know what Pokemon is at this point, I really can’t help you. There is a new series. It is connected to the XY series. Read the synopsis and watch the trailer after the break.

Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Anime, Pokemon XY&Z”

Anitore! EX Episode 2 Review

I got to say the exorcises them selves are quite good. But, only doing two of them or one set of each really won’t help any one get into shape. I could see maybe doing all of the episodes back to back. Or, doing three or four sets for each episode. But, just the four minute episode doesn’t give your any type of work out.

Continue reading “Anitore! EX Episode 2 Review”

Catching up to Comet Lucifer

The main thing I have to say about this series is that it’s very generic. This is some thing that could have easily come out in the 90’s and fit right in. It’s nothing really new. It’s a mech anime, with a young mysterious girl who has magic powers. That’s nothing new. I’m not asking for  every anime to be some thing new and exciting, I’m just asking for something a little different.

Continue reading “Catching up to Comet Lucifer”

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