Even though it is a new season every thing is just as where it was in the last season and the last episode. It is understandable since there really hasn’t been any time between the seasons. This fallowing in the path of shonens and never ending or having just one season. I’m just curious why they took they time to review the story and characters. Since we just saw them like a week or two ago. And, this is an eight minute show. Really a minute six if you don’t include the opening and ending. 

Since is it such a short show the plot is spread though out all the episodes of the season. If this was a normal show it would make about four episodes in total, maybe less. Shows that are 30 minutes long have time to have eight minutes dedicated to a joke or a random moment, but when that is how long your show is, there really isn’t time for that. Ain’t nobody got time for that, I’m just saying. Honestly the only show that is a short eight minute show that is good was, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. (if you have not see that it, it’s adorable, watch it) Others are cute or informational but there is not plot or development of any kind.

Miss Monochrome is cute, but that is all the show really has going for it. It’s just about a cute girl running around trying to fulfill her dreams of becoming an idol. That is the show in one line. Oh yea, she’s an android, she’s not human. But,  that doesn’t help the show, because it feels cold. It feels forced like Monochrome her self. The show is missing that human emotion and understanding that one would get with longer shows or better written ones. The cuteness of the main character can only pull a show along for so long. The first season of this show rode on that alone.

In the episode Monochrome wants a DJ for her concert and insists that it’s fate that brought her to this one person. But, that’s how it is for every thing. She found her manager that way, her promoter, her guitarist, and her backup dancers. The only “person” she didn’t find this way was Ru-chan, we don’t know were that came from. She found them, liked them, and wanted to keep them. It’s more like a small child finding an animal on the streets taking it home and gong “look what I found, can we keep it?” Her just randomly going some were and just pulling people along, is the whole base of the show. And, every one just goes along with her like the lost puppy she found. But unlike the child who found the lost puppy, she has no one to tell her, “no we can’t keep this”. A show can not run on an androids childish antics, but apparently it can, because this is the third season. Oh my god, they are going to make more aren’t they.