I still don’t understand what the weird tree in the middle on a white space is all about. Or the whole stain glass windows floating above her head thing. I get that it’s a garden of Eden Adam and  Eve thing. what I don’t get is what does it have to do with the story. an other thing is the whole Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve is so over done at this point, I just have to roll my eyes. I’m just hoping they explain it a little better latter one. Because she is Eve? Or has eve’s blood, I don’t know it is not explained yet.

This season is just like the last season. Exactly like the last season. The personalities are even the same. At least the creators could have given them different personalities, there are many different types of characters in otome games. This just seems, no is “who can be either the biggest ass hole or which one is the least assholely.” This is just the same story we all saw last time. This poor girl will just be traumatized at this point, if she isn’t already.

There is one other tiny little problem. This girl is the perfect damsel in distress. She gets kidnapped easily and every one worries about her constantly. I know this is the appeal of the game/ anime. The girl is helpless and the big strong man comes and saves her. But, she could be a little smarter. She is in a locked room for hours and doesn’t try to get  out at all. She just sits there. What does she do for those hours? We don’t know she apparently doesn’t either. I’m all for knight in shining armor stories but the princess better be worth saving and at this point she kind of isn’t. Which makes me wonder is the boys from the last season are really going to save her. Because why should they she is just food to them. The only reason they miss her is because the are hungry.

Full disclosure right now, it took me three tries to finish this episode, three. It wasn’t because i kept getting pulled away and had to come back to it, I literally had to stop it and do something else. I had to stop watching it because it was so bad. This is a 12 minute show, well 10 with out the opening and ending. Some one should be able to sit down for 12 minutes and watch some thing it’s not that hard. But, apparently it is. Maybe it’s the internet age and the constant need for stimulation. Hostilely I’m leaning more towards it’s a bad show that unless I have a need for my guilty pleasure, I can’t watch it.