The concept is interesting, and very topical: there is to much information so there had to be a program made to find things. In the age of information there is to much information, it’s hard to find things. on the contrast it is incredibly easy to find things you do not want, have a need for or have time for. Also, there is so much information that you don’t know were to start. Because this is the age of smart phones and dumb people. Mind you any one with basic computer skills and the intelligence of a marmot can use a search engine. That is what this program is, a search engine but in person form. So this anime is about some thing that already exists, but is in person form. Yep, that sounds like an anime.

I’m not sure how English is seen in other countries, but if you want to sound smart or tell some one important plot information, it might be good to say it in their native language. It felt very odd to me that the show started off in English. It took me out of the story, it didn’t make me confused (native English speaker) in what they were saying. It confused me in the fact that it was a non native language. The last thing I’m expecting when I watch any thing foregne is English, unless it’s from an English speaking county. It felt out of place to start an Japanese show off with English, when she show is not in English.

The show in a nut shell is three search engine in human form are just fuck ups, who can’t do their job. And, the one who can do her job is pissed off. Of course they try to do the job and comedy ensues. If this is the show it’s going to be boring. You can only watch this happen so many times before you’ve had enough. The cuteness of the girls will only go so far. For a eight minute show the story works but 13 episodes of this one thing will be hard. I’m not saying they can’t make it because there is animes like this every single season. I’m saying it will be hard to watch.

Animators need to look at hair. Not hair in anime  that they are making or watching. But, hair on normal people. It’s a cartoon, I understand that, but the weird curl thing just doesn’t happen. Maybe, when you wake up and it’s like “what is going on with this?” People don’t do their hair like that. Maybe cosplayers to be the characters with the crazy hair, but that takes hours and some times days to get those looks. So, animators for the metal sanity on every cosplayer on earth make hair easier.