This is a musical anime! I can’t explain how excited I am about it. I like musicals, I think they are fun. So two things I like put into one equal me being excited. I’m not a huge fan of shounen ai, which I can see this very easily becoming. I am willing to over look that little fact though because it a musical.

The problem I have with this show is parts of it is cliche, the school is a prestigious school there are the rich and gifted students who think they are better then every one else. Either they were born into a family that made them that way or they became that way through training, but they are there. You get these type of characters in entertainment, movies, comics, tv shows, anime and manga, because it adds drama and room for change and development later. But, they are over used. People already kind of know either they will never change and accept the main character who for some reason they don’t like them, or they do change. Those are really the only two options with these characters. Their attitude becomes one note and annoying. You either like these characters because, they’ll change or you hate they, because they’ll never change.

Even though this is a musical anime, I felt there was a slight disconnect with the second song. The first one fit in the show. The second one seemed off. It’s because there was a costume change and a set change and that had not happened before. It isn’t unheard of for musicals to do that suddenly but it was just so different from the first that it was a little jarring. It wasn’t a bad song just different. now I know what to expect of the show, so it won’t be as jarring next time this happens.

I am excited about this one. I look forward to seeing what happens with it.