First things first, I’m just going to get it out of the way and never talk about it again. The animation is horrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole sereis was made in less then a week. It looks like early 2000’s flash games or animation. It was bad and poorly done. That being said it is a cooking show and I like cooking shows.

The attempt at making a story to go along with these characters was a little weak. They were studying and got hungry it works, but it was weak. The whole conversation about the French Revolution was unneeded. The show is about a girl who loves to cook and tells you how to make the things she does. I like that part of the show. It was cute, informational and interesting. I want to make the tomato and miso soap.

Unlike an other cooking show, Food Wars!, that makes big extravagant things that you knowledge to make, this is average every day food. Since it is for high school middle school age, they can make this food. They can’t make the stuff from Food Wars!, they can but it’s so much harder and at such a different level, it’s not as easily reached. Of one the cost alone, is some thing that not every kid can afford. These ingredients are most people would already have at home. This makes is very accessible to average people. This is some thing that could get people in to cooking and bring them to the level of Food Wars!. honestly you just need to start some were and this show is your starting point.