For a five minute kids show this is cute and entertaining. As an adult watching it though it’s some thing I’d give to my three little cousins to watch. Then I’d have to hear them say fart power for the next 48 hours on repeat. I don’t think I could do this to my self or any one else. Children should not watch this because it would annoy every one above the age of ten for the next few weeks. That is the very reason they should and will watch it.

It will entertain them for the five minutes, it entertained me for five minute. It’s better written then most older or adult short animes. It had a simple story, that was silly, but it had a complete story. Why is it a children’s show is doing better at story telling then a show that is made for an older audience. Now you can argue that an older audience can watch a show that expands over months, were children can not. That’s not the point, it’s a complete story told over a very small amount of time but at no point did I feel rushed. That’s some thing other animes aren’t doing.

Yes, this show is completely silly and ridiculous and it’s about bugs that bite bottoms. An other show that is in the same format as this one, but is for an older audience is Teekyuu. he difference is how their stories are told and Oshiri Kajiri Mushi is winning. I can understand why this show is still on after four seasons, I can’t with Teekyuu.

I thing I don’t like, just one. I won’t go to far into it because this is a huge problem in many countries including my own. It’s incredible easy to become very preachy about it. So, I’ll only say this once about this show and if it comes up again I’ll just link back to this one. Because it will most likely be the same issue. It’s quite racist. Now not the whole show, there were forefingers in other parts of the show that this did not effect. But, when there was a gathering of people for all over the world they portrayed in out date, and wrong ways. It’s some thing I could see in Astro Boy, that was made in the 50’s, when people were less respectful and accepting. There were Middle Easterners, there was a Native American, and what I’m guessing a westerner. The way they were drawn looked like a bad 50’s or 40’s movie. Again this is all I’m going to say about this. I think it was more of a shock then anything to see some thing from american cartoons, that is 20 or 30 years out dated, in something new and modern. This isn’t  the first time I’ve seen depictions of people, in a very negative way, in anime that were not Asian. That is a topic for an other time and not in this review.