Oh my god, if you have not seen this episode yet, first why are you reading a review of it before watching it, go watch it. Then watch it again. For some one who had been watching anime for the last 20 years and has watched more classic anime they I’m willing to admit this is the best thing ever. I haven’t laughed this hard for an anime in years, since high school. It is a very nice to watch an anime and just enjoy it. Right now anime is either just trying to be the next be thing or just trying to make a profit. It is rare to find something that is just enjoyable to watch.

The series is over 60 old and hasn’t been on tv since 89. When an old series comes back it either falls behind the new anime, just for being old school, or is completely rewritten. Lupin is an other anime from the Showa Era,(link if you want to learn some history) that is currently on right now. Unlike Lupin, Osomatsu hasn’t been on in a while. But, both these shows keep with the original story, art, and characters. They have been updated but they have never lost the original feel.

The main thing that makes this show great is that it is incredibly self aware. The characters talk to the audiance, they talk to they self about the scrip and they have questions. Mainly what are they doing, because anime is so different. Oh and they try. They become the main characters that we’ve all seen in anime now. They try to bring in other anime motifs that are popular right now. And they never lose sight of them selves through out the whole thing. They may take from other animes to make their show popular but they make every thing their own. When a “titan” smashes through their school wall, they keep it a comedy while taking every thing they can from the original. The original isn’t lost and neither is their own show. I’m going to repeat my self because I feel like I have to, it is the best thing ever.

Why? Because I’ve seen anime change. I’ve seen every thing they did in the first episode in real shows. Those shows were dramas and took them selves completely serious and they were ridiculous. Osomatsu-san, took every thing from anime in the last 60 years and throw it all together in a 20 minute episode. It was blended but not to the point of no return. No thing felt out of place and every thing fit perfectly. Watching anime get ripped apart by anime was one of the best things I have seen in a very long time. I can not stress this enough, it was the funnest anime episode I have seen a very very long time. It was a breath of fresh air in a sea of generic season with bland charaters. Even if the rest of the show is no thing like this I will love this episode for ever. I mean that, untill I can find some thing better, this is it.

What makes you love them from the very beginning is they are in their original forms and they want to make their fans and creator proud. They are happy to be back and they want to be popular but they know they have to change. And they do in the best way possible. You see them in their unchanged forms just wanting do a good job, it’s some of the sweetest things you’ll see. In the end they can’t figure out how to make the show for a new audience, they feel like they disappointed Fujio Akatsuka. It’s so sweet and cute. Every step of the way they keep the comedy but never lose their heart. This is a show I can not wait to watch and I’ll most likely watch the episode again.

I’m going to leave it at this. If you’ve watched anime for at least the last 5 or 6 years, this show will speak to you. If you have been watching anime for as long or longer as I have then this episode at least is some thing you have to watch. It shows the massive changes in anime through out the years and I loved every minute of it.