Since, this show is slice of life it can become boring. The characters do very mundane very day things. Also, each episode has a few little stories that aren’t connected to each other at all. This is good and bad. If one story isn’t entertaining you then the next one might be better. But, that could also mean you just get short little stories that are all a little boring and short.

The adorableness of the characters really only pulled the show along for a season. With that alone you really can’t have a show for so long. Depending on the cuteness of the leads isn’t enough. You need to develop those leads or make life a little hard for them. If they keep doing the same thing over and over again, just going about their normal every day lives then it gets boring and repetitive. Which this show has. That’s to bad but it’s what happens when the writers just do the same thing over and over again. There is no change and were a younger audience can watch that and enjoy it, an older or smarter one can’t.

The show is a shojo ai and even crosses into full yuri at some points. But, since it is slice of life and anime, there isn’t much happening, so the drama is made from the relationships of characters. It’s mainly person 1 likes person 2 but person 2 likes person 3 and person 3 likes person 1. That is the only drama or conflict in the show. The only part of it. Most of the time it seams forced and just made up drama. It’s drama for dramas sake.