I’m a little confused about the setting of this story. It starts off as a medieval or alternate history or other then just switches to modern day. Were Yotaro’s characteristic could be accepted in any of those three setting, in modern day it is just weird and creepy. The prime example of that, the girl he saves is freaked out over his behavior and calls him a pervert. It makes sense that Makio likes it, because she’s a little kid. She still has the idea of white knights and princesses in her head. Were any one over the age of 10 or 12 would be like “what is your problem?”

The show is very plot driven. The story is happening around the characters. They them selves are not making the decisions that change the plot. Instead the plot is deciding every thing for them. The only choice that is really ever made is Makio says Yotaro is staying with them. Nothing else in the show is some thing the characters choose them selves. It’s fine if it’s a plot driven show, but that means the plot has to be good. It is still to early to decide if this is just a bad plot with no character development. Only time and more episodes will tell.

I’m a little confused about the horse, Shirohime. Why does she turn into a human chibi? Better question if she can talk, why does she turn into a human chibi? What is going on in this show? Every thing just seems out of place. A talking horse and knights with big lances. This just doesn’t fit in the modern world setting that they are in. The maids I can take the maids, and children running around with out supervision (that is ever pokemon game in a nut shell). Every thing else just doesn’t fit. There needs to be some explanation, hopefully soon. Because, there was an adorable dragon around that woman’s neck. At this point I’m just wondering were it went and how it belongs in the world.