I have to say it’s great to see Lupin again. It’s been three years, I’ve missed him. Lupin is one of those things that never ages or gets old. You can trow him in to the 60’s, from were he’s from, or bring him into the 21st century and he fits. He’s like Sherlock Homes or James Bond here in the west. We don’t ever want to see him leave because, we still want to watch him.

This episode is just awesome, because Fujiko is just pissed off at Lupin through the whole thing. Even when she learns that he was just using Rebecca to get to the crown, she’s still mad at him. Even though she’s mad at him she still helps him. Then of course there’s Rebecca, Lupin just can’t win with woman.

Rebecca, is just funny. A little bit of a spoiled child, ok, she is a spoiled child. She’s just using Lupin and Lupin is trying to use her. Lupin now has two woman who will steal what he just stole, from him. At least Fujiko helps him just as much as she screws him over. I’m not sure if Rebecca will do that. The way every thing just works out is great it’s just good story telling. You don’t feel at any point this is not Lupin.

It’s interesting that it’s not the newer shows that are the good ones. It’s the older shows. Yes they’ve been updated but they are not losing what they had before. They are bringing it along with them. People can love these characters through generations now. That’s a true master piece and just good story telling. You don’t need something new if you have thing we can bring into the new age. We bring it in right and repect it and keep it’s heart. You get shows like Lupin III and Osomatsu.