I just have one question for this anime, is it a musical or not? If it is, that’s fine. If it’s not, then don’t have two musical numbers in the first ten minutes of the anime. Then along came the opening. It was a very musical ten minutes of the show. Then suddenly there were no musical numbers in the rest of the episode. It was just a bit odd.

I do have to say I’m liking this harem anime better then others, why? Because the guy aren’t throwing them selves at the main female character, Ritsuka, as soon as they meet her. They are actually making an effort to have plot and characters. Instead of saying what the shows setting is in the first episode and never really doing much else with it. Or, just having characters with a personality and that is all they are. Guy number one, is the mean one, guy number two is the sensitive one. The girls normally just runs around, or being dragged around by the guys, with this look of “oh my what do I do, who do I love.” This one looks like it actually might develop the characters. Good job harem anime.

I’ll say it and I’ll only say it once I promise. I love the frills. I really like the costume design. I’m a huge sucker for frills and cute anime outfits. It makes me want them all. Or well make them all. If I could I would just have a wardrobe of adorable anime outfits. Mainly the school uniforms that would never happen in really life, like this one. That and accessories they always have awesome accessories in anime. It makes me want them so much.