I got to say the exorcises them selves are quite good. But, only doing two of them or one set of each really won’t help any one get into shape. I could see maybe doing all of the episodes back to back. Or, doing three or four sets for each episode. But, just the four minute episode doesn’t give your any type of work out.

The girls in the show are cute, which is the whole reason for the show and the appeal. Does that mean there has to be a close up of a girls but every episode. Also, it may just be an Asian thing or maybe just an anime thing but girls don’t focus on their boobs as much as guys think they do. I think about my boobs when I put on a bra in the morning and maybe when I take it off at night. They have just been there since I was about 12 so they are nothing new to me. What I am saying is we do not sit around trying to think of ways to make them bigger, we just don’t sorry.

I did some of the work outs with the episode. It did it’s job, I just did more sets then the adorable girl in the show did.