The main thing I have to say about this series is that it’s very generic. This is some thing that could have easily come out in the 90’s and fit right in. It’s nothing really new. It’s a mech anime, with a young mysterious girl who has magic powers. That’s nothing new. I’m not asking for  every anime to be some thing new and exciting, I’m just asking for something a little different.

So far there has been no real development. It’s just been situational plot that the characters have no real say in. the only person who has made a decision is Kaon and that was not to get married. Some thing that we don’t even see happening. Her running away is just used as a way to get her and Sogo down to Felia. Since then there have really been no decisions made by any one.

Also, the last episode, the third one, was just creepy. It was about a sick man just wanting to see Felia in fear because he gets off on it. He sends the whole town in disarray to see one person afraid. He wants to see her power but he is still getting off on a young girls fear. It just makes me uncomfortable. If he’s going to be on the show more, since it looks like Gus picked him up, it makes me not want to see him. It’s not because I don’t like his character I just have a sudden icky feeling when he’s on screen.

Speaking of Gus, he’s the most interesting person so far. Of course, since he’s interesting he gets almost no screen time. The best scene so far was the one in the jail cell. The way that was animated was nice.

So far the rest of the animation in the show, isn’t bad but I’ve seen better. When I say better I mean not as bad as Sailor Moon Crystal but not any were near some thing like Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. It reminds me a bit of One Piece and Naruto, not in style but quality.


Photo Credit: Comet Lucifer, 8-Bit