imagesHave you ever wished you could send some one to hell for some thing they did.  Ai Enma can do that for you. She only asks that in exchange you go to hell when you die, as well. Not every one would take that offer but, what happens when you get pushed to far and have to take matters into your own hands? That is exactly what happens in the Hell Girl live action. You need revenge or justice? Ai will ferry the soul to hell right then and there for you. That is if Hajime Shibata isn’t there to try and stop you.

The live action is based on the anime by the same name. It also spawned multiple other animes, two others to be exact, and multiple mangas, four to be specific. There was alcfb7be55a5ebc0_fullso a video game made based on the property. It’s no wonder that a live action would come out of the series.

The best episode was the eighth. It’s the only episode that comes back to the person who called Hell Girl and got their revenge, justice, or what ever you want to call it. All the other episodes deal with the problem as it’s happening. This one we meet a man at the very end of his life ready to go into hell and he feel he made the right choice years ago, much to Hajime’s displeasure. honestly Hajime wanted him to regret what he did, but he doesn’t. Hajime doesn’t understand it until muc21h later that he has to make that choice as well.

I wouldn’t say there really was a bad episode. There were weaker ones but none of the episodes were bad. The weakest would have to be the first episode. It did its job of setting up the story and explaining every thing that was happening. It also did its job of introducing every one to the audience. The story was just the weakest. The reason the girl called Ai is she was being bullied. Yes, the bullies deserved some thing to happen to them but hell, may be not. Every one else’s reasons for sending people to hell, were all higher stakes were this one was a very high school problem. That maxresdefaultcould have been fixed by getting help from some one else or reporting the bulling. I’m not going to go in depth about the differences in western and eastern mind sets when it comes to things like this. All my thoughts on this are from a western perspective and if you have a eastern perspective on, I’d love to hear it.

The series its self is quite good. If you want to watch some thing Hell Girl I say go for this. If you don’t know what Hell Girl is this would be a good place to start. It sets up the story and all the characters very well. Iimagest gives the right feel for the series and it never feels like it brings down the series. The show does a good job at wrapping up the story and comes full circle for other things that happen in the earlier on. The end was a little odd when Ai started helping Hajime, but besides that every thing else was great about it. There was no point were I thought this was just a cash grab for a known property to make money. It’s a legitimate series that deserved to be watched and seen.


Photo Credit: Hell Girl TV Drama, Izumi TV Production