Emy-little-monsterfeatxcuse me while I say this here and now, so it doesn’t come out later in this post and scare all of you away. This anime is adorable and not in the way most animes are adorable. It doesn’t have cute animals or adorable girls doing cute things. It’s about some misfits becoming friends and two of them falling in love. It’s that kind of adorable. Haru and Shizuku are so different that by all right they should never be around each other. However, they end up liking each other and it’s all because, unsuspecting circumstances put them in different places than they would normally go. It’s just adorable.

This show starts of like many other shojo animes. Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 11.06.16 AMThe lead female protagonist is a cold friendless girl who wants nothing to do with other people, Shizuku Mizutani. The lead male protagonist is a rowdy guy who is a little different from every one else, Haru Yoshida. Then it changes things. Once they confess to each other, inste
ad of getting together they become friends first and really figure out if they like each other before actually being together. They say mean things to their friends, and instead of it going over their heads or the friend just forgiving them they apologize and grow as a person. Every one grows and changes through out the series, which is very nice to see. Many shows just pull the characters along with plot instead of actually growing the characters. Also, there is no point were there is the idea of “yea you’re in a relationship now, every thing is perfect.”

They hHeartbeat_zpsb170496eave problems like every other couple, on the face of this earth. The problems aren’t like other animes, it’s not oh there’s a new male character he like female protagonist, or there is a new fem
ale character she likes male protagonist. They have to deal with their personalities and how they change to be together. They grow and develop to work together. Like real life! Yes, there are characters that like the leads but  they don’t throw them selves at Shizuku or Haru, because they know they shouldn’t. Also, there is never the speech of be with me instead and if there was Haru and Shizuku would be like “yea, no.5f7b9c41836b9b60ac23fd58add30e7e1349298644_full

One thing I didn’t like about the anime is, the last episode. This is something I’ve seen in many animes that are 13 episodes long. The last episode is a side story or filler episode. It doesn’t progress the story at all and normally has nothing to do with the main story. The other 12 episodes do a very good job at keeping every thing together and progressing the story the whole time, the 13th episode does none of this. I’m not complaining about it per say but, honestly we could do with out the episode and no one would know the difference. The episode could have easily fit some were else in the series instead of just being tacked on the end like an after thought.

This animsuperthumbe hilarious, sweet and beyond adorable. It’s about a group of misfits, who find each other and become friends. Because of that, they all grow as people and make them selves better. If they didn’t change they wouldn’t have been able to stay friends. If you’re wondering what is this anime, and why does the girl have the boy on a leash.? First off it’s not that kind of anime, get your minds out of the gutter. Take a look for your self and you’ll be saying awww in no time.