screenshot311I’ve noticed that there are two reactions when you talk about Naruto. You either love or hate it. And let me be clear, I don’t like Naruto the anime, I like Naruto Shippuden and the whole manga. The original Naruto anime was a bit dumbed down for the animation, such as adding tons of filler episodes and then two seasons of filler. Two seasons people! But, you need the Naruto stuff that makes Shippuden better.

In this article I will not getting into shipping or how I feel about certain canon pairings. I will not start shipping wars! At least not here on this article. Since the main couple in the moNARUTO_TheLast53-620xvie is Naruto and Hinata, naruhina, I will
say this, I think they are cute. It makes sense that they ended up together. She’s the first one to want to be with and noticed him. She also came to his aid during the Pain fight. It’s not an ideal way to start a relationship or to base starting one on but it is very shonen to do it that way.

The main problem I have with this movie is they are fighting on the moon. Don’t they need air? But, I willing to over look that little detail since it’s an anime and maybe they were using a jutsu. The other proplem I have is Hinata is not weak. I really don’t think that she would be take prisoner so easily. Also, neither is her sister, Hanabi. Htumblr_nfrtx30gIC1t45pbyo3_500anabi is actually stronger then Hinata. But, both of them get taken very easily. I know it is so Naruto can have his big hero moment. But, it doesn’t have to be a the expense of the Hyuga girls.

The relationship between Hinata and Naruto is the main plot of the movie and because the other plot, about the whole world getting destroyed by the moon, really wasn’t much. It could have easily been a 30 minute episode. Masashi Kishimoto, said this movie is all about love, but it was really just about Hinata confessing her love and Naruto realizing he lb25d29fynqjgxafxyionoves her too. There wasn’t enough of that for it to be a whole movie. This is almost a two hour movie. It felt longer. It drug and it felt like both of the stories weren’t overly figured out or fleshed out.

The movie was entertaining, but I wouldn’t call it good. I’d call it enjoyable to watch. I think it would have been better if it was either focused on the stuff on the moon or just focused on the realtionships. screenshot411Having both in the movie, just seemed like a bit much and neither of them got the time they needed for the movie to be about that.

And last thing, why is Sasuke on the poster? He was in the movie for five seconds. And trust me Kakashi could have taken care  of that meteorite with out him. I’m just saying. Oh, I promis this is the last one, I highly dought this will be the last Naruto movie. One, there was already an other one, Boruto. Two, Naruto is to big of a name. I mean if you had told me two years ago there was going to be an other Dragon Ball anime, I would have laughed in your face. But, here we are 2015 and there is new Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball anime. Trust me this isn’t the end of Naruto.


Photo Credit: The Last: Naruto the Movie, Pierrot Co., Ltd.