So…this was a thing. Yes, for all those fan who have been whining that there is no live action Pokemon, quit whining you already got one. It was called Pokemon Live! and it can out in 2000. This might be the reason there has yet to be any other live action Pokemon. Why, you may ask? Because, this show lost millions of dollars, millions. There will never be an other show at least in musical Broadway form.

Pokemon-Live-pokemon-19593881-466-356I’m just going to say this now, I watched it so you don’t have to. I am not suggesting this to any one at all. Alright let me rephrase that. If you are a die hard Pokemon fan and want to watch some thing new for Pokemon, then watch this. The whole thing is on YouTube, you can just watch it to your little hearts content. I on the other head am not a big Pokemon fan. I enjoyed the show when I was a child and can see the appeal. Mind you I am a Digimon girl always will be. That being said, that does not mean I do not like Pokemon, thepokemon-live-o-s games are fun. I think the fan community for Pokemon is better then the actual products of the Pokemon franchise.

Alright lets start off with the bad because this might take me a bit. The songs weren’t that good. My personal favorite of WTF is when Brok sings about how he wants to be a one woman guy but just can’t. This is an actual song in the play, that is sung to small children, and it lasts about five minutes.

The next, WHAT? is the pokedex is a person and it has a song. I can under stand a song about the pokedMore-Pokemon-Live-pics-pokemon-20198271-466-358ex or it talk about a Pokemon. This was a whole about different Pokemon and there are so many of them. It felt very out of place with the rest of the show. It was right after intermission and Pikachu just got kidnapped. The last thing that needed to happen was a song completely from left field about random Pokemon.

This show could have easily been a thirty minute episode. The700x500poke stage1re is almost an hour of just singing. Yes I did the math, I can show you my complex equations if you want (it’s simple addition, by the way). The show is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. So, yes it can be about a 30 minute episode. Just take out the singing. This would work as a 30 minute episode. It does not work as an hour and 40 minute stage show. The reason the movies work is because the stakes are pretty high. Like world ending high. This is just Team Rocket and Giovanni have an other idea to take over the world. They don’t even get close this time. Mew hqdefaulttwo saves the day, which is…um ok?

We are not even going to get into the plot of Giovanni and Ash’s Mom are a thing and he might be Ash’s father. Nope I am not going there.

This whole show just seems like a bad rip off of Pokemon, and it is kind of. It’s an american made show, based on the american version of the anime. They tried, that is all I can say. They tried hard, missed their mark. The mark its self was the watered down american for kids dub of the anime, which wasn’t that good to begin with.

Alright I’m done bashing the show. There were some good things about it too. The actors and the dancers were good. There was talent there and they took a pretty crappy scrip and made it Dee-Roscioli-in-Pokemon-Live-dee-roscioli-29184272-1015-765watch able. I can only imagine if there were bad actors, it would have hurt to watch. The song might not have been the best, but the delivery of them made it decent.

An other thing, all the actors seemed to enjoy their part and doing the show. They had a good time which made them do better. That is what saved the show, in my book. If you have about an hour an a half to kill and you like Pokemon, take a look or at least watch the making of it. The behind the scenes was probably the most interesting thing about this whole thing.


Photo Credit: Pokemon Live!