The Castle of Cagliostro was Hayao Miyazaki’s directorial debut. It first came out 1979 in Japan and wasn’t released in America till 1991. The movie is based on the long running anime and manga series Lupin III by Monkey Punch, which is the pen name of Kazuhiko Katō. The original Lupin III manga was released in 1967 and ran till 1969. The anime has been running off and on since 1977. There is even a new series of it currently airing in 2015. Which I think is awesome.

This movie fallows the generic Lupin III story line, Lupin and company find some thing they want to steal and Zenicag-01gata tries to stop them. The situation is of course more complicated then that. Lupin can’t leave a poor damsel in distress. I wonder if that’s why he like Fujiko so much. He never has to save her and when he does she always helps him do it. It’s like oh look a chick that can actually save her self…I want that one.

I love the relationship between Fujiko and Lupin, it’s adorable. ThLupin-the-castle-of-cagliostro-18417236-688-368ey both love each other but they kind of have their own agenda. They don’t get in each others way, accept maybe when they both want to steal the same thing. But, when every is said and done they are
their for each other. It’s interesting to see how they are developed over the years. Seeing their relationship in this movie and then comparing it to how they are together i4659308275_6e41086b4dn there series that is currently airing.

It’s interesting to see the art styles of Munkey Punch and pre Studio Ghibli Miyazaki coem together. You can can see both of the styles through out the movie but at no point to they over shadow each other. It all comes together very well. Every thing complements each other, which is what you want.

This is normally the part were I
say what I didn’t like about this movie. I don’t have that this Lupin-the-castle-of-cagliostro-18416760-688-368time. I can’t say anything bad about it. It was a fun good movie. I enjoyed it so much. It was an hour and 40 minutes and it didn’t feel long at all. The opening credits were a little slow, but the rest of the movie made up for that. I’m not going to knock it for that at all. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this movie. It’s not amazing, but it’s really good.

I love Lupin III, I always will. I’m not saying that every Lupin III thing is good or great. But, a lot of them aCagliostro-5re. It’s a very well know series and rightfully so. This is a fun movie. This is one of those movies you should watch if you’re an anime fan. Why? Lupin III is iconic, this is Miyazaki’s first movie, and it’s one of those classics that still hold up. This movie is still great all these years later.


Photo Credit: Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro, Monkey Punch, Toho Co. Ltd.