Since this is the first week, I am starting off with three mangas. Every week I’ll be adding a new one. If the manga only updates monthly and not weekly, I will put it in the week it gets updated. If it’s a monthly manga and it’s the first week I’m adding it, I will do the most resent chapter the week I add it.

If you have any mangas you want to read or recommend let me know in the comments below.

Fairy Tail Chapter 461

018One of the main things that I like about this series is that Fairy Tail mages are kind of in their own little world. I feel bad for Ichiya, because he just got stranded and couldn’t really do much about a whole guild just taking his ship. I didn’t really like Ichiya at first. I didn’t hate him, but I found him annoying. I just chocked him up to be an annoying manga character that you just get in series like Fairy Tail. Then he was a boss in this chapter. He saved the guild while being injured. He’s not one of my faverates now but, I don’t dislike him any more.

Also, we got to see what Wahl Icht real form is. He kinda looks like a younger Gajeel. Or at least they look related. It kinda makes me want them to fight but at the same time that makes me not want them to fight.

The end of the chapter, is what Fairy Tail is all about. You’re are going to fight and you can’t do it alone. You have to fight for your friends and family and protect them. They will always be there for each other and they are never going to stop.

Nanastu no Taizai Chapter 149
The wait is over, we have finally met pride, Escanor. All I’m going to say about him is, like everyiuglfufliyfy one else you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. When we first meet him, he looks so weak and even runs away from fighting. Even though we still don’t know why he changes, I like it. I’m also happy that we now know who all the Seven Deadly Sins are. You know some one is bad ass and should not be messed if a Ten Commandment is running away from you. I’m really interested in see where story goes. I want to know more about Escanor, because we really know nothing about him. Well except, that he has a huge crush on Merlin. Which could be a really cute couple.

Also I have to say it, I’m a huge Ban and Elaine fan. The way he was cuddling her while protecting her through the whole chapter was adorable. But, he’s not an asshole, he protects Jericho too.

Monster Musume no Itu Nichijou Chapter 37

027I have to say it, this series is ridiculous. I read it because it’s a guilty pleasure. Also, I just want to see who Kimihito ends up with. Why wont they just let him choose and have them have a cute romantic story. But, silly me, it’s a ecchi harem.

I do like that Mero no longer wants her own tragedy, because she is falling in love and she now has friends. It’s sweet, in a manga like this you really don’t get a lot of development of characters so to see some even if it’s some, it’s nice. Ofcourse by the end she still wants tragedy. But, baby steps, baby steps.

And since it is a romantic ecchi harem story, Mero and Kimihito had to “kiss”. It was CPR to save his life, personally I don’t think that counts, but this is a manga. Every one thinks it counts and it’s a cultural thing too. Most people aren’t affectionate or kiss in public in Asian culture. So, when it happens in manga and anime it’s a big deal. Unlike her in america were we see kissing all the time in media and entertainment. Hell I saw a couple kiss when I went to the grocery store this morning.


Photo Credit: Fairy Tail chapter 461, Hiro Mashima;  Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 149, Nakaba Suzuki; Monster Musume no Itu Nichijou chapter 37, OKAYADO