Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji, was published in 2006 and is still currently running as a manga. It is written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. The live action movie came out in 2014 and runs for about two hours.They made a lot a changes in this movie. I’m normally not one to compare and contrast things, but I have to do it here. They had a decent idea for a movie and could have easily not made it Black Butler and it would have worked. First and for most, the leads gender got changed and it’s not Ciel. All the other characters are the same just not the leahiro-mizushima-and-ayame-goriki-BLACK-BUTLERd. They change the time period but not the clothing. I’ll talk more about that later, but most of the characters seem out of place because of there clothing. They make Madam Red the lead villain. Even though she is a villain in the series she never tries to hurt her nephew. She literally tries to kill him, or her. I just don’t understand why they made all these changes, it doesn’t make the story better. It kind of just confuses you, at least it did for me.

Alright, lets talk about costumes. The main draw, at least for me, for the manga is the fashion, aside from the awesome supernatural bits. I love these two things and you put theKuroshitsuji-0005m together I’m going to read/watch anything that comes out of it. What makes it even better? The story is actually set in Victorian times. So, the Gothic Lolita fashion, even though it is modernized, fits in the story. If you are going to have your characters wear Gothic Lolita fashion, make it make sense. Don’t do it just because their counter parts wear it. If Shiori gender is being hidden it might not be the best idea to dress her in Gothic Lolita fashion. She should be in the most masculine outfit you can find. That being said, I did like the costuming. It just did not fit in the movie.

This movie could have been good if it just wasn’t trying to be Black Butler. The actors did a good job, there was not amazing Kuroshitsuji-0003performances but they were good. There were pretty cool shots and cinematography. TI was just trying to hard to be Black Butler. If you want to watch an alright supernatural mystery, I suggest it. Just pretend it’s not Black Butler. It’s an enjoyable movie, jsut not paired with the franchise. If you are one of those people who want to watch this because it’s Black Butler, don’t you’ll just be disappointed.


Photo Credit: Black Butler, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.