Kamisama Hajimemashita or Kamisama kiss is based on the manga by the same name. The manga is written and illustrated by Julietta Suzuki. The manga came out in 2008 and is still going. The anime first came out in 2012. It currently it has two seasons and a third season has been confirmed for 2016.

Nanami_mad_at_TomoeThe thing I like most about this anime is the mythology in it. Me being an american I could tell you about western mythology till your ears bleed. Eastern mythology not so much. I bit about it, but am in no way an expert. Show here in america that use western mythology, I always find it interesting the spin they do it or the modern interpretation of the myth. I like it also for eastern mythology as well. That being said, I always feel like I have to do research watching shows like this. The reason I don’t intently know what a Tengu or a Kitsune is. I have to go look all that up. I did not grew up with eastern mythology, so I have to find out about it my self now. I am totally alright with that. That means it takes me a bit more to go through these type of series. Because I get lost in the internet, example being “this was interesting, oh look a link to a related topic”. It’s a vicious cycle. But, enough of my love of mythology.

I like how Tomoe and Nanami interct together. You kind of know even Kamisama-Hajimemashita-anime-35240511-1280-720though it’s taboo for a yokai and a human to get together they are going to get together. And, even though it takes Tomoe time, and him stressing about it, to admit that he also loves Nanami, it’s still sweet. Even though he doesn’t say it you can tell how he feels by his actions. It is a bit Romeo and Juliet, but you know it’s not going to be as depressing as the end of that story. It is very typical anime for feeling to be completely out in the open but the characters not being together.

Kamisama-Hajimemashita-anime-35240501-1280-720Nanami’s very optimistic attitude is one of the reasons Tomoe falls for her. It is also one of my reasons for liking the show. It would have been really easy for her to be a cry baby having every thing done for her. Honestly, if the story was more romantic based instead of comedy that’s how it would be. Or, if the manga came out about 10 or 15 years ago. She would most likely still have the same personality but would need to be saved all the time. I like that she can save her self and gets stronger as the series goes on. Hell she saves Tomoe and Mizuki (while they kept on thinking they had to save her.)

I am a little against the plot of many men fall in love with the one girl f994af89b1c8ec644dd9d65d78aeb533even though she is completely in love with this other guy. It’s not that bad in this one, but it happens. I get that she’s the main character and that stuff happens. It happens all the time in anime and manga. There is a whole genre dedicated to it, harem. They can be great stories, but I roll my eyes at them every time. This show has some elements of it but it is definitely not a harem show. Thank God.

kami-haji_3-1The new season is coming out in 2016, I don’t know when yet, but I will be watching it. If you like romantic comedy and eastern mythology, I recommend this. Also, there are adorable moments in this series.


Photo Credit: Kamisama Kiss, Julietta Suzuki, TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd., FUNimation