Fairy Tail Chapter 462

020This chapter was pretty much, ok we survived the first attack. Now we have to get ready for the next one. I am looking forward to all of the guilds just going all out brawl. I love the fact that Eraz is trying to limp along with them. That girl does not get pushed down, even though she should be resting for like a week.

I am especially looking forward to the Fairy Tail teams, because you know those are going to be epic. Also, shipping. I’m just saying the moments are going to be there. I mean, Gajeel and Levy are together and Gray and Juiva are together.

And of course, Natsu is going to the fight. He is not one to wait for things to come to him. I don’t think know the word control.

Special Chapter- Merry Christmas

The Christmas chapter also came out this week and in pure Hiro Mashima 023ststyle, I was not disappointed in the least. The main story is over there being all epic and here people are getting naked. It is so full of shipping I could die. It was hilarious and an amazing early Christmas present. Because, only bad things happen when the woman of Fairy Tail get drunk, funny but bad. Also, Eraz is adorable. I don’t want to talk any more about it, just go read the chapter, you will not be disappointed.

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 150

Props to Jerico, she loves Ban and fallows him around because she feels like she owes and she kind of does. Ban was never mean to her, but he never saw her as a love interest. Then here comes Elaine, back from the dead. Since seeing her Ban hasn’t let go of her. Jerico doesn’t hate her for this. She’s not even mad at Ban. She helping them and wants to make sure they are both ok, in the short and long term. Great writing on Nakaba Suzuki part for that.

Finally King gets to see his sist015er. At this point he hasn’t seen her for hundreds of years. I really want to see what happens next with them. It’s some thing that has been a very long time coming and I look forward to seeing how they interact with each other. Also, I’m sure he’s not the happiest about her being cuddled by Ban 24/7.

We also got closer to Diane and found out what is happening with her, or at least a little peak. Also, the giants have changed. I am looking forward to what happens next.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou No new chapter

I am a Hero Volume 16013

Alright if you don’t know what I am a Hero is, or haven’t read it. Go read it right now. I was a little tired of all the zombie stuff here in america then I found I am a Hero. It is your typical zombie story and then it’s not. It’s its own thing and should be read. The art is amazing the story more very quickly and I don’t want to stop reading it. How it is released is by volume every few month, so the month that it comes out I will review it on the week it comes out.

This volume starts off with Yabu running away from Hayakari and Hideo. Then after she gets bit they have kill her before she fully becomes a zombie on her wishes. Ever single chapter pushes you to the edge of you seat and keeps you there. I haven’t had this “Oh Fuck” experience reading in a while. I am extremely happy about that.

I really like that every one is effected by having to kill people, having to steal and go completely against every thing that that they know. They are all doing it in order to survive. It’s not “we did it once and now we’re ok with it.” Every one changes with each thing that they do from every day normal life.

Then we got the wired zombie combination tentacle monster thing. Which was000 explained kind of, it might be aliens. Also, there are mutants, who don’t wear pants. I’m really hoping every thing stays the sames and doesn’t just go off in to left field. I love zombies but now it’s getting a little weird.


Photo Credit: Fairy Tail, chapter 462/Special Chapter- Merry Christmas, Hiro Mashima; Nanatsu no Taizai, chapter 150, Nakaba Suzuki; I am a Hero, chapter 187/ volume 16 cover, Kengo Hanazawa