Tomie: Another Face is a three part mini series based on the manga series, Tomie, by Junji Ito. Who is a noted horror manga artist. The mini series came out in 1999. It stared Runa Nagai as Tomi.

500fullI like the premise for the story. Tomie is just a force of pure jealousy, lust, greed and hatred. She has no agenda she doesn’t want revenge or anything. Her only goal, if she even has any, is to control human emotion to the point of her destruction. She never tries to stop her demise because she knows that it is not the end. She will never end. I think the only way that she would truly end is if those emotions no longer existed. That will never happen, so she will never end.

The series isn’t the best acted, but it is a TV mini ser280full-posteries so I’m not really asking for much. I’m not saying any of the performances were bad. They
just were not amazing. This series definitively falls in the best live action adaptations. It’s not bad but not the best.

I recommend watching the series if you like horror. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s scary, but it is defiantly suspenseful and supernatural. Also, because of this I’m most likely going to read the manga and maybe watch the 8 movies that have come off the series. I’m most likely not going to 400full-posterread the novel version, maybe.

If you have a live action, movie, TV show or play, based on a manga, anime or video game, that you want me to watch let me know down in the comments down below.


Photo Credit: Tomie: Another Face, Daiei Film Co. Ltd.; Tomie, Junji Ito