I Don’t Have Many Friends, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, was first published in 2009. It was written by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Buriki. It has spawned two manga series, two anime seasons, a game, two other light novel spin offs, an OVA and a live action movie.

51e9lNDrxuL._SX353_BO1,204,203,200_Kodaka, is the exception but even though I don’t dislike him like, I don’t overly like him either. He is sympathetic because he has trouble making friends because of his appearance but he doesn’t do much in the way to help his situation. Even though he seems to not like the neighbors club he still goes along with it every day. Most likely because he has nothing else to do and at least he is hang out with some one. 

Yozora is just mean to every one, especially Sena. Not that Sena needs any sympathy or Yozora actions are not justified towards her. I can see why she doesn’t have any friends. I can’t really route for some one who is just mean to every one. Also, calls people bitch and cunt often enough and mostly Sena.

Sena her self isn’t nice either. She thinks of boys as servants and often Boku_wa_tomodachi_ga_sukunaiVol1_2tries to treat Kodaka as one as well. She acts a little differently after he teaches her how to swim, but not really. She may just be some one who can’t really tell you how she is feeling or doesn’t know how to express her self. But, the author didn’t write her in such a way that you feel for her. In stead you just dislike her.

The other character, Yukimura, again I can’t sympathize with him because he is not being bullied. He takes every thing the wrong way and then can’t be told differently. Also, if he wants to really become manly then why not change how he appears? He could cut his hair and wear his uniform Boku_wa_tomodachi_ga_sukunaiVol1_chp2bdifferently. But, not he can’t do that because then it wouldn’t work for the story. I really don’t understand why he starts dressing in a maids uniform. OK, I know why in the story but…but I mean why? Does Yozora just have a fetish of it or some thing. She probably does. 

Another thing I don’t really like is the use of bitch, cunt, and rape so often in the story. I’m totally fine with using bitch and cunt if some one is insulting some one or it works for the story. But, it was just all of a sudden Yozora starts calling a fake animated character a bitch and a cunt. And there was nothing else about it before. It just started coming out of left field. That escalated quickly. Then there is a whole chapter about how they are writing a story about a girl, who looks like Sena by the way, who just keeps getting raped. I can understand why they kept that chapter out of the anime and the manga. I’m honestly just wondering if Hirasaka has fantasies about this. I’m totally fine if there is rape in a story, but make it work with the story, don’t throw it in from an other field. This wasn’t even from left field it was from another field allVol1_chp_pool together.

I will not be reading the rest of this series. I might check out the live action or the manga, but most likely not. I don’t recommend this series unless you really like rude girls. Then by all means enjoy your self to your hearts content.

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Photo Credit: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Yomi Hirasaka, Buriki, Media Factory