Terror in Resonance was an original anime that came out in 2014. I ran for 11 episodes and was made by the studio MAPPA. They are the ones behind the currently running Ushio & Tora  and Punchline earlier this year. There were two OST that were released for the show.

fiveFirst off this is one of the more nicely animated shows I’ve seen in a while. In the background of mass produced anime right now. Seeing some thing with good animation is very hard to come by. It’s very refreshing to see.

This anime is not the faint of heart. It is people doing horrible things for a pale-yellow-lisagood reason. You can debate for hours if it was justified, but in the end I understand why. Nine and Twelve have been back into a corner their whole lives. They got their whole lives destroyed because some one with power could do it. They why wanted to make sure that they didn’t get away with it. Their whole goal was to shine light on to the governments secrets.

mt-inc-terrortokyo-03-9030104a-mkv_snapshot_19-00_2014-07-27_11-08-27Then you have Shibazaki, who is also trying to get the truth told. He’s doing it in a more passive why. Even though he’s pushed down the whole entire time and told to stop looking into things. He doesn’t stop, because he knows some thing is wrong. When he realizes the organization he is a part of is part of the problem he understands Nine and Twelve. In the end he’s going to help them in the way that they need him to.

The reason I say this isn’t for the faint of heart, because Nine and Twelve terror302get what they want. They want the truth to be told. They want people to know that these 24 kids were killed by the government. Because they wanted a new weapon and it wasn’t for any ones benefit but them selves. Nine and Twelve willing die knowing the Shibazki and Lisa will let the world know what happened. Because, in the end they didn’t have a plan after this was all done.

resonance-11-16They wanted so much publicity, so that when they were caught no one would not by watching. That way every horrible thing that happened to them and the other kids would come out. That was the only thing that they wanted and that was what they got.

This is an anime that needs to be watched. It makes you think about your Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.57.01 AM copy-noscaleown government or every thing that we just accept as fact. To every one else they were just terrorist who wanted to blow things up. But, when when you take a step back you realize they are just trying to get the truth out in the way they can. It’s an anime that makes you think and question things, which we need more of.

Highly, highly recommended. Watch it enjoy it. Then question some things.

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Photo Credit: Terror is Resonance, FUNimation, MAPPA Co., Ltd.