28hpraqIt was a sweet movie about trying to find were you fit in. Now that being said it is a bloody movie and most would not call it sweet. But, I do because I’m odd like that. Shino wants live peacefully and be an actor. He is driven to eat souls because that is just his nature. He is fighting it but it’s what he is. So, it can’t happen. In the end he leaves but still stays in contact with Hamaji. Hamaji wants people to see her as a girl, every time some one calls her a boy she is almost shocked. But, she knows that her being a girl and hunter is a bit of a contradiction, for this time period. She wants to be seen as as girl and a hunter. In the end she accepts that she can be both. She is shown in a female kimono and her gun in the end.

I felt like a few things didn’t fit with in the time period of the movitumblr_mozbsz8TOz1rr5h0eo1_500e. Such
as Hamaji’s gun. All the other guns were very basic and rudimentary. Were her’s is almost a mashine gun. It didn’t fit and it was the only modified tech in the movie. Also, the black see through dress Itezuru wears as  Hamji and Dousetsu are chasing her didn’t fit. It looked like a western evening dress some one would wear now. Every thing else seemed to fit in with the time frame. Maybe Meido’s outfits a little bit, but that kind of fits into the time frame of Japan just starting to open their borders.

I liked the fuse-memoirs-of-the-hunter-girlmovie, it was a little long but not slow. There are really two types of long movies, slow movies that could easily lose an good 30 minutes to an hour and long movies that are not slow just long. This is one of the long ones.

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Photo Credit: Fuse Teppō Musume no Torimonochō, TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd.