The Rock Musical Bleach (yes that is the title, I know it sounds horrible translated), first debuted in 2005 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is the first of the Bleach stage shows. There have since been seven other Bleach musical. All of them are based off of Tite Kubo’s work. This particular show falls the Soul Society arc.

rei-yoshii-as-Orihime-rock-musical-bleach-anime-34845117-381-336The music for the show was good. It of course was all rock which was nice. I am a rock fan my self. The band was three people. Which is not what I think of when you say a band. ( Years of family members being in concert and marching band, I guess)  The songs were just as good as the music. Well except maybe the last one. It was all about love and kindness. It wasn’t a bad song, it just felt out of place.

All the actors did really well. There wasn’t a bad one there. Also, the could all sing. I have found with some live actions, the actors can only do one thing. Either sing or act, but not both. I’m glad that they could do both in this one.

Now that I talked about he good, lets talk about the bad. The scrip, it was Te_Wo_Tsunago_2_by_Edwardroxmysoxnot good. First off it was all about the Soul Society arc. The one were every on is trying to save Rukia. That’s fine, it’s a good arc. But, they also told you about every thing that has happened up to that point. Or, they did an over view of it. They covered all their bases but it took about half the play to do. If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime, you would have been completely lost. Even if you have you might still been completely lost.

bleach-saien-the-rock-musical-3Then the bad, if you are going to do the arc were they save Rukia, then you should probably save Rukia. I noticed that the play was winding down and they were not where close to saving her. My only thought was “this is going to be the quickest rescues in the history of rescues.” They of course ended the play with Renji asking Ichigo to save Rukia. Mind you the next play came out a year later, but as I’m looking at the other plays, I still am not sure if they have saved her yet. That is a long time for some one to wait for their execution. I’m just saying.

If you are a fan of Bleach and have either read or watched past the Soul Society arc they I suggest watching it. But, only if you just want more Bleach. I don’t suggest watching it if your “like what’s this, I’ve watched bleach, it’s ok/good.” If you don’t know what this is going into it, I just see bad things happening.


Photo Credit: Bleach, Tite Kubo, Rock Bleach Musical, Shoichi Tama