Warning this post talk about fan service, a lot of fan service. There is just so much. Any way, High School of the Dead, is based of the manga by the same name. The manga was written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō (who by the way is mainly a hentai artist, which explains a lot about this manga. I looked him up, you know for research reasons).  The series first came out in 2006 and ran till 2013. It is currently on hiatus and does not have a date in which it wall be starting again. Along with this anime there is also an OVA that came out in 2011 a year after this anime finished.

Alright first things first. If you are going to watch this anime, watch it uncensored. I’m not saying this because of all boob, butt/pantie and up skirt shots, but because the white censor bars are just distracting and it takes up the whole screen some Saeko-and-Rei-highschool-of-the-dead-19587874-1920-1080times. If you are going to censor some thing  and it takes up the whole screen just take out the shot. The only only reason you would watch it censored is if your just not in to take. But, if that is the case then don’t watch this show. Even with the censoring, there are so many fan service shots that it is crazy.

There are a few reasons that you would watch this anime. One the boobs, there is more boob jiggle then dialog in this show. There is an instance, episode 8, when Takashi  shoots, Saeko does a back flip and the bullet goes in between her wiggling boobs. The second reason, pantie and bra shots. There are some lacy nice undies these Highschool-of-the-Dead-4girls have. Now I know it’s a cultural thing. Japanese woman and girls don’t have many choices when it comes to underwear. They are normally quite lacy and detailed. But, this goes over the top. They are so lacy and detailed that you know they wanted some one to see them. That some one is you or the animators I’m not sure. Third, the harem. Takashi gets one. I know Kohta is there, but they all really want Takashi and Kohta is there  for comic relief you know that. The fourth reason you watch it is because of zombies and how awesome the death scenes are. Where else can you see a zombie get killed with an electric drill? Best zombie death ever, by the way. The answer no where. And, the final reason you watch this show, you randomly clicked on it and have no idea what you were walking into.

Gang-highschool-of-the-dead-31085513-1280-720I normally don’t compare things to there counter parts, but this is just a note. The manga High School of the Dead, is much more graphic. In all aspects. In pantie shots and how zombies are killed. In the anime it is not shown that much. Well it is shown but not completely, the kill shot is some times taken out. I’m not saying “oh I really want that kill shot”, I’m saying it’s bloodier then the anime.

I suggest this anime, with a note, it is mature. If you are under the age of Highschool-Of-The-Deadconsent in your county or region, do not watch this. What am I saying this is the internet of course you’re going to watch it. Me saying this makes you want to watch it more. That being said, it has a mature content warning for a reason. If you are not into that, do not watch this show. If you don’t like blood and ecchi, do not watch this show.


Photo Credit: High School of the Dead, Daisuke Satō, Shōji Satō, Sentai Filmworks, MADHOUSE Inc.