Barakamon is based on a manga by the same name that is still currently running. The manga is written and illustrated by Satsuki Yoshino. There was also a spin off manga called Handa-kun by the same writer. The anime runs 12 episodes and lasted for one season.

maxresdefaultThis anime has one of the better messages that I have seen in while. It’s you have to keep pushing your self to get better, to change, and mature. If you don’t your just going to get stuck in the rut that you know you’re in. Seishu’s father sends him to Gotō Island, because he knows Seishu can do that there. He knows he has to leave Tokyo to become something he’s not currently. Even in the end when Seishu’s mother wants him to say and Kawafuji is even trying to convince him to stay. Seishu knows he needs to go back. Why? Because the island changed him. You can see it mainly in how he acts when he arrives on the island for the second time. He is completely different then before.

Not only does it have a good message but it is also super sweet. Naru is maxresdefaultadorable and a very well written character. You know her parents aren’t in the picture but it doesn’t need to be explained as to why. Not just Naru, but every one is very well written and quite rounded. Even though we only see Seishu’s growth, he is the main character and all, every one else is going through their own problems as well. Every one’s relationship and how they interact with each other is really what makes this anime special and different.

barakamon1cShould you watch this anime? Yes. It may be a slice of life but it has more heart and depth then most. There are really only two types of slice of life ones that are just comedy and really don’t develop the characters. Then ones that go from comedy or light hearted ones to drama, deep dark drama. This one doesn’t do either. It is a very realistic slice of life but never does it lose what your interest.


Photo Credit: Barakamon, Satsuki Yoshino, Kinema Citrus Co., Ltd., FUNimation