Sankarea: Undying Love first came out in 2009 and ran till 2014. It has 11 volumes. The manga was written  and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori. The manga has spawned a 13 episode anime with three OVAs and a light novel titled Sankarea: All Night-Rea Long.

51jjeCEH9EL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_When I first started this manga I really didn’t like it. Because only in Japan are zombie girls cute and adorable. There was to much fan service and it was to cute. There was a weird creepy thing with Rea’s dad, never really got solved. We know why he was obsessed with her but that was child molestation there. And, no one did any thing about it even after she got out of that situation. I’m just saying, weird and creepy. That being said it did get better.

It got better after about 30 chapters. For some thing that is only about 56 chapters that is a long time to wait for some thing to get better. A long time. I wouldn’t have kept reading it at an other time. Because there is only so515lSPvlaZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ much you can take of cute adorable zombie girls. There is also only so much I can take of no character development. Luckily we do start to get some after the half way point. The story becomes more about the relationship between Chihiro and Rea and how they have to over come things together. The have to change and develop together after Rea losses her memories.

The story even takes a really dark turn when all Rea wants to do is eat Chihiro. Why? Because she is a zombie and want to eat what she loves most. She is constantly battling with the want to feed like a normal zombie and her human side that she is desperately clinging to. At this point the isn’t much fan service any more. The panels them selves even take a darker shade. I love it when the art changes with the tone of the story. hLg9SDMThe original art is much lighter and fun. Where as the final chapters are dark and heavily shaded.

I wish the last chapter had been the one before the last chapter. You think it’s all going to be happy and they will end up together. Rea is fine Chihiro is fine, then you realize it’s all in Rea’s mind. After the ate Chihiro she thinks of a life with him. I wish it had ended there with Rea completely becoming a zombie and finally eating Chihiro. But, not it ends with Chihiro getting a new heart (a mechanical one, because Rea ate his) and hinting at them sti035arting a relationship. All I have to say about that is, manga artist need to learn biology. Not just figure drawing/ anatomy but biology. People can’t live with out their heart unless it is seconds in an operating room. I really didn’t like the end. It
can be argued that Chihiro was half zombie because he kissed Rea, but still the science in this manga does not make sense. I am willing to put up with a lot from manga but there is a line. A line!

I did enjoy this series even if I didn’t like the end. It does take a bit to get good and when I say a bit I mean more then half. I won’t say it’s great but good and entertaining. Read it if you like cute things and zombies.


Photo Credit: Sakarea: Undying Love, Mitsuru Hattori, Kodansha Comics USA, Kodansha Ltd.