Digimon first 1998 Digimon first came out as virtual pets, very similar to tomigotchi. Except of course you could fight them. A year later the anime series came out first as a going to be a short, but it turned in to a full series. That series got a second season. Since then there have been four other anime series, each with new characters and different stories. Each anime series got  multipul movies, there are 14 in total. There have been three mangas. There have been 27 video games released so far. There is also the card game that is very much like the Pokemon card game. Now if you are a 90’s kid or even early 2000’s you watched this as a child and all that is going through your head right now is “Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions!”

Digimon-Adventure-Tri-2Full discloser, Digimon was my first fandom. To this day I still love Digimon. I have a Patamon plushie on my desk and still cuddle the shit out of him. I want to state this here and now, Digimon was not my first anime, Pokemon was and I was all over DBZ and Sailor Moon. I still like those shows but my fandom is and always will be Digimon. Digimon deserves your love.

So, when I first heard there was going to be a new movie series with thDigimon-Adventure-Tri-3e original DigiDestined, I literal had a fangasum in my living room. I promise you I am a grown ass adult. I swear, really. But there is some thing that happens to you when you get some thing new from your fandom. I my case I really haven’t gotten any thing from this fandom since the early early 2000’s. That is a long time.

The big question on everyone’s mind is was it good. Yes, I really liked it. That is not just the fangirl talking that is an honest review of the movie, there were things I didn’t like but the good out weighed the bad.
First thing I really liked was the animation was awesome. Now, there were some die hard fans who were against the animation. They thought the eyes should be more like the original. You can read the story about it here. I am a fan but I am not a crazy fan. I understand that animation styles change over time. Also, Digimon its self hasn’t digimon-adventure-tri-reunion-061kept the same animation style so why should the movie. I just have to roll my eyes. Some people will never be happy.

The main reason I like Digimon is that it deals with real life issues. All the characters fight and argue. They are friends but they have different options. In the end you can’t do every thing by your self you need help. In Digimon, humans can’t fight digimon so they need their digimon partners. The digimon can’t evolve by them selves they need their human partners. Them working together means they can save the world. And, not just that. It can just be one team of human and digimon you need all of the DigiDestined. In this movie, Taichi is really struggling with the fact that even if they do fight other people are still going to get hurt, because of their fighting. Even in the end when he know he has to fight, he still doesn’t like the fact that others around him are going to be hurt.

The movie its self was a little predictable. I knew when they DigimonTri_01_1-700x385introduced Meiko, she was going to be connected to them some how. I wasn’t sure if she just made friends with a Digimon or if she was a Digidestined. I just knew she was going to be apart of it. It would have just been bad story telling if she hadn’t been, because she was in the movie so much.

I also didn’t really like that Joe really wasn’t in the movie that much. He was never one of my favorites but he is still apart of the team. I understand the stress that final year Japanese high school students are e49e7bb697f200b35abff4dbd8adeb371445629743_fullunder. It is very Japanese, culturally at least, that he put his studies first and said he couldn’t help. But, since this is going to be a multi part movie series I can see him joining later. I could easily see him realizing that fighting with every one else is more important then studying. Because, you can already see him wanting to help. At the end of the movie he is looking at the news and you can see his internal conflict.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the movies are coming out. If you live in the US, or many other countries outside of Japan, like me you can watch it on Crunchyroll (I am not sponsored by them, I just thinkdigimon-adventure-tri-tai it’s a great site.) If you watched Digimon Adventures growing up or just started watching it, watch this movie. It is a great blast from the past, but it in no way feel dated and over used.


Photo Credit: Digimon Adventure tri., Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Saban Capital Group, Inc.