An other week as come and gone, time for new manga. Yea!

Fairy Tail- Chapter 465

000Alright, so things are falling into place. We now why Natsu and Gajeel couldn’t pass that barrier that Freed put up. Also, we know more about how Lucy and her mom ties in to every thing. Even though we already knew what END stood for, now Natsu knows as well. We didn’t know that if the book get damaged, so does Natsu. The only thing is are we really going to trust Zeref. I mean he has no reason to lie, but he is kind of the bad guy in this.

Also, since Layla sent them here does that mean, Lucy will have to send them back. Will they have to go back? I hope not because I’m a huge shipper and that would also just be sad. I do understand having to go back to their own time, but it’d be so sad.

Also, all the dragon slayers as little kids, that just equals adorableness.

Nanatsu no Taizai-Chapter 153

Alright so not much happened in this chapter, but we did find out that again one of the Seven Deadly Sins are not really what they seemed. At023 the beginning of the series you think they all look one way but they look so different from their wanted posters. Then you realize every one isn’t what they seem. Meliodas is a demon, Elizabeth has healing powers, Ban is immortal and the technically the fairy king right now, King is the fairy king, Merlin was off in Camelot, Diane lost all her memories and is really in love with King, Gowther was really a doll made by Merlin, and Escanor has split personalities that are literally night and day.

Now we find out that Gowther is really one of the Ten Commandments. I mean I’m surprised that he may be evil but I’m not surprised that he really not what he seems. Because in this manga no one is what they seem.

Bleach-Chapter 654

The beginning of this chapter ends Shunsui’s and Nanao’s fight. I really like them together and I always like when Tite Kubo gives us a little bit of back story on the characters. I am a sucker for backstory. The whole 654 - Deadman Standing - 015thing with them and her family history, I really liked. I’m sad to see that little mini arc end but I liked it and was glad I got to see it. 

And then, there are weird chicken thingies down in Soul Society. The fight is never over, is it. Also, dead characters are back again. I mean I don’t think anyone really stays dead in manga. Unless their death pushes more main characters forward. Then they stay dead, with flash backs of course. But, Izuru is alive, kind of. I states he’s a dead man and there is a big fucking hole in his chest. I’m looking forward to seeing how this fight goes down. Also, how long it will take to get back to that fight. Since, it looks like the Renji and Byakuya fight is about to go all out.

Monster Musume-Chapter 38

028I liked that this chapter was mainly about Lala. I like her and I think it’s because she is not all over Kimihito. I also like how there was a translation of how talked. She may sound stand offish but she was worried about him. I also really liked that even though she know that death is a part of life she didn’t want the little girl to die.

I really don’t think turning her into a zombie was the best choice, because now she can’t die. But, she wanted her to live a full life and that is sweet.

I know this whole manga is completely all about fan service but it was nice not to have any in this chapter. I feel some times the story takes a back seat to it.

I am a Hero-no new volume



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