Lovely Complex live action movie came out in 2006. It’s based on the manga by the same name written and illustrated by Aya Nakahara. The manga spawned a game, this live action movie, a 24 episode anime, and a spin off manga. It is also the only manga and anime to use Kansai ben, an Osakan dialect for all of the characters.

hq3l0603-lcThe story is simple enough, girl and boy like each other but for some reason they don’t get together. This is the plot of almost every single manga romantic comedy. Lets be honest every single romantic comedy know to man. The reason they don’t get together is their height difference. She is 7 inches taller then him. Ok that doesn’t seem like much. Also they really aren’t that tall or that short. Risa is 5′ 8″, which is taller then average in Japan, but really not that tall. Atsushi is 5′ 1″, which is shorter then average in Japan, but again short but really not that short. Also, if your the type of person that lets height get in your way of being with some one, you shouldn’t date them any way. If you really liked they you wouldn’t care. Of course at the end of this hour and a half movie they realize that and get together.

I like the message of the movie, true love conquers all, but nothing else. wpid-lovely-complex-movie-3The acting is bad. And by bad I mean, if I took a drink every time I wanted to stop watching I would be on the floor trying to tell my sister to make half Asian babies already. (My sister lives across the country and my brother in law in Asian, hence the half Asian babies. I want nieces and nephews.) It felt like some thing a high school or even middle school student would make with their friends. But, because of that it is charming in a way, but it does wear on you and feels longer then it really is.

hq3l3111The next thing that really bothered me is the fashion in the movie. I am the last person who you should talk to about fashion, unless it’s nerd related. I am completely a pj’s at home type of girl and jeans and a t-shirt are my go to. I know most manga artist like to draw interesting clothes for their characters. That does not mean the live action should do the same. I don’t need it to be that accurate. I felt like a little kid was playing dress up with their parents or older siblings clothes. It didn’t feel real, it felt like costumes. I know they are costumes, but like Halloween category.

The movie has it’s charm because of how bad it is and the sweet message. But, this is some thing that I wouldn’t recommend. Maybe, if you really just need more Jdrama or love Lovely Complex. Those are the only two instances you should watch this.


Photo Credit: Lovely Complex, Aya Nakahara, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation