I’m am going to make this short and quick. I did not read a light novel for this weeks Light Novel Review. It was not because I ran out of time or I just didn’t want to. It was because, I couldn’t finish that book.

I tried to read Nastu Midori’s Puipui! this week. I started it like I did with every thing else and then couldn’t go on. I tried to read it about five times. It was just bad and not in a way that could be laughed at.

It was so robotic in writing, that I’m not sure if it was translation or just bad writing. The writing was literally, this happened, then this happened, then they did this. It was more like some one just stating facts then telling a story.

The characters were just so genaric and were trying to hard to be anime characters. One was the perfect goddess girl, an other the guy who shows no emotion and just says facts. It doesn’t work they aren’t people I want to know about. Every one need flaws and they have none.

I will not be reading the rest of this book, unless you really want me to. I do not suggest you read this book.


Photo Credit: Puipui!, Nastu Midori,  Media Factory