Baccano! is based of a light novel series of the sames name. The series ran for 21 volumes. It was written by Ryogo Narita, the creator of Durarara and Vamp!. Besides the anime the series has also spawned two manga series. The anime came out in 2007 and ran for 16 episodes.

baccano1When the series starts it just throws you into the situation and hopes you find your footing. I do like that you have to figure every thing out your self and it is an already built world. Many animes show you the beginning middle and end of the story. This makes the story easy to understand but not as interesting. This does make Baccano! a little confusing to the first time watcher. You really have to  pay attention to all the characters to see how they all fit together. The opening credits do help, since you get every ones name in them.

What also made it confessing was every thing was out of order. You got baccano2kind of the end at the beginning. Then you got your characters introduced through out the series. Most of the time it in’t till much later you understand how every one is connected. But, by the end every thing is explained and understood. It just takes time to get there.

532824I really liked the series, but not until about the 14th episode. Since you have to figure a lot out your self or wait for the explanation, half the time you have no idea why you are watching these people. That being said, I think the series could have ended at episode 14. Unless there was hope for a second season. There was more stories that were starting to be told at the end. But, since it was only 16 episode there wasn’t enough time to tell all of them. Also, the last few episodes seemed out of place because the rest of the show fallowed the train ride of the Flying Pussy Foot. The events that happened after that ride didn’t really belong with the rest of the story.

Baccano4_LargeBaccano! takes a while for every thing to be explained, but it’s worth it. If you are willing to take the time to get all the information about the characters, then it is well worth the watch. It is very similar to Durarara, in how it is about just a bunch of people and how their lives interact with one an other, the situations are just different. I recommend it, only if you have time to watch all of it. This isn’t an anime that you can only watch one or two episodes and understand what is going on. You have to watch the whole thing to understand the story fully. And, since I know this series keeps going in the light novels, now I want to read them. All 21 of them.

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Photo Credit: Baccano!, Ryogo Narita, Brain’s Base, FUNimation