Dawn of the Arcana was first published in 2006. It was written by Rei Toma. The series is 13 volumes long. This is Toma’s first manga to be published in both English and Japaneses. It was originally released in Monthly Cheese!.

cvr9781421541044_9781421541044_hrThe story could have easily become a decent political drama. But, alas it was not meant to be. The romance does ruin the story. I’m fine with there being romance but, the main characters, Nakaba, Caesar, and Loki’s, main reason for doing any thing is because of feelings. IT is very love triangle and unoriginal, honestly.

Then the story ended abruptly, killing Loki and reavealing every thing in the last chapter. It was just lay writing. The only way I can see it not being lazy writing is if the series got canceled. I couldn’t find any evidence of that though, so I think it was just lazy writing.

This whole story is pretty much any young adult novel geared toward a thumb-2550-DOA_03_webfemale audience. It was more who will she end up with then anything else. I can see why it was popular but, it should stay in the young adult section and never leave.

This series had potential to be a good political drama but the romance and love triangle had to get in the way. If you want mushy shojo romance and not much else then read it.

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Photo Credit: Dawn of the Arcana, Rei Toma, Shogakukan Inc., VIZ Media, LLC