Parasite Dolls is a part of the Bubblegum Crisis universe. The movie fallows a special branch of the AD police. The movie was originally a three part OVA series that was put together in movie format for release. It was first released in 2003.

parasitedolls02Since is was originally a three part OVA series the stories are very distinct from each other. Each dealing with a different case. This being said they do flow together very well. Mainly do to the fact that the stories take place years apart from each other. Leading the viewer to believe that the stories are the most interesting cases or at least those of the most note. The stories all have to do with Boomers (I literally had to research if Boomer was capitalized, it is) or androids. Every story makes you question even more if Boomers have a soul or they are more then just a programmed machine.

The story them selves are a bit dark. This is defiantly a drama with no 44cd1541d0b4607f9ed6880d8a351386comedy added. The OVAs get darker and darker as it goes on. But, since it starts with the lightest of the stories you don’t notice how dark it gets. Also, if you don’t pay attention to the sub text or the implied scenes, it’s not as dark. Along with it being quite dark it is quite bloody and graphic. I’m never one to shy away from blood, guts, and gore. There is some things disturbing about some one being torn to pieces even if they are a Boomer.

47b6e2fc7b6a0ce0dbadd284ffcc97ff4856e814f6578672c715392d259c0e4c_largeIn stories that deal with any type of artificial intelligence, AI, there is normally the question that asks, are they more then just a machine. In the first story, some Boomers start to believe they are human. Now, I wonder if, no one knew they were Boomers could they live lives of humans? Or would they never quite be able to be human because they are just machines. In the last story, Kimball, a Boomer, protects Myers even though he know it would kill him. Now, was he programmed to do that or did he just protect her. Buzz, says Boomers are made to protect humans, but there might be some thing more to him protecting her. Myers had the closest relationship with Kimball. So, he might have just been protecting a friend. Or, it could have just been programmed into him to protect a human or a person on his team when their lives were at risk.

The animation was very old style, or at least 30 years old. Even though it 41Z7OoRT84L._SX385_was reminiscent of the 80’s , it was up dated enough and made into it’s own style. So, even though it was realistic and veery 80’s, ot did not feel dated. It felt like it belonged perfectly with it’s story.

I really have no thing bad to say about this anime. The only bad thing I would say is, if you don’t like blood, guts, or gore, don’t watch it. Also, if naked boobs and sex scenes bother you, don’t watch it. This is an adult OVA, so if you don’t feel like you can handle that stuff don’t watch it.

[SEELE] Parasite Dolls [4AA9FAED].mkv_snapshot_00.54.31_[2014.01.11_05.04.17]Like I stated before this is defiantly adult content. If you have a problem with that or you are to young to watch that stuff, don’t watch it. But, if none of that applies to you then go all for it. If you like Ghost in the Shell or Ergo Proxy, then this is right up your ally.

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Photo Credit: Parasite Dolls, Anime International Company, Inc., AEsir Holdings